408 Bryant Circle, Suite C, Ojai, CA   Mon-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5  (855) 722-9333 info@sespe.org

Do I still need a doctor’s recommendation?

YES. Recreational / adult use shops are not permitted anywhere in Ventura County. Our medical dispensary, located in Ojai, is only allowed to sell to adults or legal guardians with a current, valid, doctor’s recommendation.

Do I need a doctor’s recommendation to order medicine for my pet?

In order to receive a delivery of any medicinal cannabis product, including medicine for pets, you must have your own letter of recommendation from a qualified medical provider. Once you obtain your recommendation, you may register as a new patient with our...

Are the same strains always on the menu?

Our menu changes based on what our vendors have available to us. While some vendors choose to grow and provide certain strains consistently, others enjoy versatility. We always strive to provide flowers of the utmost quality. As such, we provide our patients with the...

Can I pay with change?

You are welcome to bring in rolled coins at our dispensary. For the safety of our delivery drivers we accept up to $2 in loose change max per delivery.