Free delivery on orders over $75!
Prices shown include all taxes

Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes


What payment types are accepted?

You can pay ahead or in person using a free virtual wallet at! It’s similar to Venmo or Paypal but approved for dispensaries. We also accept debit cards and cash. We do not have an ATM onsite. Read more

Do your prices include tax?

In most cases YES, all taxes are reflected in the displayed price to make it easier for you to gauge how much cash you’ll need. Your receipt will display the itemized amount paid for taxes. There may be an additional tax for delivery orders in specific areas. Read more

Do I still need a doctor’s recommendation?

NO, if you are 21+ and have a valid ID. If you are between 18 – 21, you need a doctor’s recommendation and a valid ID. If you are under 18, you need a doctor’s recommendation, a valid ID, and a parent or guardian present with you. Read more

Are the same strains always on the menu?

Our menu changes based on what our vendors have available to us. While some vendors choose to grow and provide certain strains consistently, others enjoy versatility. We always strive to provide flowers of the utmost quality. As such, we provide our patients with the best quality flowers available to us, whether that’s flowers we frequently carry or superb new strains. Read more

Can I pay with change?

You are welcome to bring in rolled coins at our dispensary. For the safety of our delivery drivers we accept up to $2 in loose change max per delivery. Read more

Do you do special orders?

We are not able to provide special quantities of flowers. Similarly, we are unable to supply bulk orders of flowers or products directly from our vendors. If you are interested in any other type of special order, feel free to contact our phone operators with your specific request, which we are happy to fulfill when possible. Read more

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