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Wedding Pie 1g Badder

Wedding Pie 1g Badder

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Wedding Pie, an indica-dominant hybrid, merges the strains Wedding Cake and Grape Pie to create a fruity, dessert-like aroma with sweet, lemony, and gassy notes. Known for inducing calming effects, this expertly crafted strain is a hit among those seeking tranquility.

THC 70.5%



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Wedding Pie, an indica-dominant hybrid, is the result of a thoughtful cross between the strains Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. The resulting strain is recognized for its rich, dessert-like aroma that combines fruity notes with sweet and lemony accents, rounded off with a hint of gas.

The strain’s appealing scent complements the profound relaxing effects that it provides. Upon using Wedding Pie, one’s mind is likely to be swept into a state of calm serenity. These potent effects, along with the exceptional care taken in its cultivation, make Wedding Pie a universally appreciated strain.

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Creme de Canna

Créme De Canna was founded with inspiration drawn from the ever-growing knowledge about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Driven by a global vision, the founder aimed to provide legal cannabis products to the world.
The company came into existence in 2010, and began supplying the State of California with legal medical cannabis products. Among their sweet offerings was a Fox News featured Cannabis-infused Ice Cream. With flavors like Bananabis Foster and Straw-Mari Cheesecake, Créme De Canna introduced an exciting and delicious way to enjoy cannabis, made available to the patients of California under the prop 215 medical cannabis laws.
Guided by principles of integrity, growth through sustainable practices, and community involvement, Créme De Canna navigated through the hurdles of California's prop 64 Cannabis Legalization in 2018. The company's commitment to these values played a significant role in its successful adaptation to the changing legal landscape.
The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for Créme De Canna, as it celebrated its 10th Anniversary. The team has continued to grow, and the company is thankful to provide more cannabis products and services than ever before, reflecting a decade of commitment to quality and innovation in the field.


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Wedding Pie 1g Badder

Availability: 9 in stock

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