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Umbrella Perc Dab Rig – Clear

Umbrella Perc Dab Rig – Clear

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This 6-inch Rig, built on 45mm tubing with black accents, features an umbrella perc to diffuse vapor through water, and comes with a 14mm quartz domeless nail. Designed by Stephan Peirce for use with concentrates, it combines elegant design with effective functionality.



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Standing at 6 inches tall and crafted on 45mm tubing with black accents, this unique Rig offers a visually appealing and functional design. Its umbrella perc diffuses vapor through water, creating a smooth and flavorful experience. The rig is outfitted with a 14mm female domeless nail, made of heat-tolerant quartz, and designed for use with concentrates. For optimal performance, the rig works best with approximately 1.5 inches of water. Designed by Stephan Peirce, it includes a variety of assorted label colors, ranging from black, white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, to etch. This Rig blends aesthetic appeal with functionality, making it a sophisticated choice for those who appreciate the art of vaporizing concentrates.




GRAV is a brand born from a profound desire to create precision instruments for cannabis consumption. Rooted in artistry, the company emphasizes design and functionality in all its creations. The team at GRAV believes that the method of smoking should be as significant as the substance being smoked.
Located in Austin, Texas, GRAV takes pride in overseeing every aspect of production. From the initial design and prototyping to quality inspection and shipping, everything is handled at their headquarters. Over the years, GRAV has refined its scientific aesthetic, evolving from a handful of products to entire families and brands that encompass every major category of pipe.
Founded in 2004, GRAV's origin story paints a vivid picture of a creative community in early 2000s Austin. Amidst pedicabs, dingy warehouses, and sparks from welding, a shared passion for art united sculptors, ceramicists, glass-blowers, and bespoke artists. This unique environment, simpler than today, nurtured GRAV's growth and development.
The early members of GRAV were a vibrant mix of makers and pedicab drivers, all united by a creative spark. Together, they brought the revolutionary Gravitron to life. This all-glass gravity bong stands as a testament to their ingenuity, offering the most efficient way to smoke flower.
Committed to more than just craftsmanship, GRAV is on a mission to foster a cannabis space that embodies justice, equity, and responsibility. With a reach that extends beyond dispensaries, cultivators, and brands, GRAV leverages its influence to shape a positive future for the industry. Active in supporting the Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, GRAV exemplifies inclusivity and social justice activism.
The mantra "Find Your Higher Self" encapsulates GRAV's ethos, encouraging others to connect with a higher state of mind. This connection may manifest through creativity, playful consumption, or an educational exploration of cannabis history and culture. GRAV's guiding philosophy serves as a beacon, inspiring positive engagement with both the flower and the broader community.


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Umbrella Perc Dab Rig – Clear

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