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The Formula – Compound 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG

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The Formula Compound offers a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD, and CBG for greater strength and balance, providing immediate relief for various needs.

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The Formula Compound is designed for immediate and balanced relief. With an equal ratio of 100mg CBD, 100mg THC, and 100mg CBG, this topical is crafted to unlock a broad range of wellness benefits. Its ingredients include mango butter, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, and natural fragrance, along with specific terpenes. The onset is immediate to 15 minutes with a duration of 3 to 5 hours. Apply generously over the affected area every 4-6 hours for optimal effect, but avoid using on broken skin or open wounds.

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Mary's Medicinals

Mary’s Manifesto represents the trustworthy industry leadership in high-quality and effective cannabis-derived products. The brand speaks of a connection that goes back to the beginning of human history. For thousands of years, the cannabis plant has nurtured humanity, helping shape consciousness, develop culture, and heal bodies. It has been revered by elders and ancestors as a Healer, embodying a profound truth.
Mary's purpose is to offer an alternative to medicine rather than being an alternative medicine. The brand aims to provide patients with a better quality of life through plant-based ingredients and innovations. By merging modern technology with established horticulture practices, Mary's facilitates the easy integration of the therapeutic power of cannabis into daily routines.
The mission of Mary's is to distill the wisdom of plants to help people reach the full potential of their bodies, minds, and lives. Expert scientists collaborate with some of the top physicians to develop innovative cannabis therapies. These therapies allow individuals to take control of their wellness through highly targeted, results-driven methods. The organic cannabis extract and advanced delivery systems maintain the highest quality and standards, ensuring the most effective treatment and delivery combined with the best ingredients.
Mary's product line is all about maximizing the benefits of natural plant nutrients through clean delivery methods. These varied delivery methods offer a wide array of benefits, including the elimination of smoking, precise dose control, continued release, convenience, and systemic effects.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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The Formula – Compound 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG

Availability: 9 in stock

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