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Strawberry Basil Spritz Single

Strawberry Basil Spritz Single

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The Strawberry Basil Spritz is a rich and balanced ready-to-drink cannabis cocktail with flavors of berry, sweet basil, and a hint of pink peppercorn. At just 35 calories per can and with no added sugars, it offers a unique and sessionable experience, perfect for socializing or unwinding.

THC 5mg

CBD 5mg



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The Strawberry Basil Spritz captures the essence of a favorite farmstand treat in a canned and infused form. It features a rich berry flavor balanced with sweet basil, clean botanicals, and a hint of pink peppercorn. Though its deep red color may suggest otherwise, this ready-to-drink cannabis cocktail contains only 35 calories per can and is free from added sugars. Its dose of THC makes it a perfect option for both socializing and unwinding. Whether you prefer to enjoy it on the rocks, with a splash of soda, or paired with a twist, this non-alcoholic reinterpretation of the traditional aperitif is designed to be your delightful companion for relaxation and enjoyment.




Artet is a family-driven venture consisting of two brothers and a cousin, all of whom share a profound passion for the combination of cannabis and aperitivo culture. Their belief in the power of cannabis to enhance experiences, stimulate appetites, and broaden horizons fueled their vision. They dreamt of encapsulating the essence of the perfect dinner or cocktail hour with loved ones, leading to the creation of Artet: the original cannabis aperitif. After years of imaginative planning and careful crafting, Artet now invites everyone to enjoy their unique offering, symbolizing an open and welcoming family table.
As a participant in the new era of legal cannabis consumption, Artet acknowledges the privileged position it holds. The team is acutely aware of the historical injustices related to cannabis convictions and sentencing in the United States, particularly concerning non-violent crimes. Recognizing this painful past, Artet's commitment goes beyond mere acknowledgment. The company actively works with communities most impacted by cannabis-related policing, supports initiatives to rectify these wrongs, and leverages its business and corporate culture to foster a more just and equitable industry. Artet's pledge is to listen, learn, and act, driven by a vision of inclusivity and fairness.


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Strawberry Basil Spritz Single

Availability: 29 in stock

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