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Shahastra Levy Collapsible Fan

Shahastra Levy Collapsible Fan


The Shahastra Levy Collapsible Fan merges function with artistry. Created with designs by Shahastra Levy, this fan provides a fashionable way to cool off, reflecting creativity and elegance in a practical form.


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Stay cool and show your appreciation for Sespe with the Shahastra Levy Collapsible Fan. Designed with artwork by Shahastra Levy, this fan is not just a way to beat the heat but a statement of style and creativity. Collapsible for convenience, it’s a practical accessory that carries the signature look of a renowned artist. Whether used at a summer event or simply to add flair to your daily routine, this fan offers an artistic touch that’s sure to be admired.



Sespe Creek + Shahastra Levy


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Shahastra Levy Collapsible Fan

Availability: 30 in stock

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