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Randy’s 10″ Xl Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Randy’s 10″ Xl Bristle Pipe Cleaners

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Randy’s 10″ XL Bristle Pipe Cleaners are made of 100% unbleached cotton, designed for mild to heavy-duty cleaning. Available in a 24-piece bundle, they are perfect for maintaining clean pipes.



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Randy’s 10″ Extra Long Bristle Pipe Cleaners are designed for meticulous cleaning tasks, catering to mild to heavy-duty pipe cleaning needs. Composed of 100% unbleached cotton, these tapered cleaners enable ease of access and thorough cleansing. Available in a bundle of 24, the bristle wire style is particularly suitable for heavy-duty cleaning. These pipe cleaners reflect a commitment to quality, offering a practical solution for maintaining your pipes in perfect condition.





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Randy’s 10″ Xl Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Availability: 30 in stock

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