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Purple Papaya Live Rosin

Purple Papaya Live Rosin

  • Slightly indica dominant hybrid live rosin.
  • Sweet and fruity flavor with tropical berry, sour citrus, and papaya.
  • Spicy, peppery aroma that intensifies with use.
  • Effects include mental focus, sensory enhancement, and relaxing body high.
  • Ideal for light activities and relaxation.

THC 734mg



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Purple Papaya Live Rosin is derived from the Purple Papaya strain, a slightly indica dominant hybrid. This live rosin is crafted from a unique blend of Texeda Timewarp, Pinewarp, A3, and Ancestral Indica strains, resulting in a product that combines potency with a delightful flavor profile. Purple Papaya is characterized by its sweet and fruity tropical berry taste with hints of sour citrus and rich papaya notes. Its aroma complements the taste with a spicier, deeper scent accented by a peppery overtone that grows more intense with use.

The effects of Purple Papaya Live Rosin are pronounced and gradual, beginning with a calming influence on the mind that sharpens focus and enhances sensory perception. It offers a moderate mental energy, suitable for engaging in light, undemanding activities. Alongside the mental effects, a consistent relaxing body sensation persists, making it ideal for those seeking to balance relaxation with mental clarity.

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Ay Papi

Ay Papi Co. proudly redefines cannabis culture by intertwining wellness, fitness, and fashion into its brand ethos. Born from a desire to dispel the "stoner stigma," Ay Papi Co. is dedicated to enhancing the modern lifestyle through exceptional cannabis experiences. They focus on producing exotic, unique, and rare cultivars, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being for their discerning clientele. By collaborating with a select group of cultivators from the Emerald Triangle, including Huckleberry Hill and Mattole Valley, they ensure every product is sun-grown and of the highest quality. This company stands out in the cannabis community through its commitment to crafting small-batch, craft solventless products. Co-founders Justin Lee and Alex Scherma, both alumni of the prestigious Ganjier program, are passionate about maintaining the integrity of their solventless products. This commitment ensures that all offerings are not only pure and potent but also align with sustainable and ethical production practices. The combination of high-end cannabis with a lifestyle-oriented approach positions Ay Papi Co. as a trendsetter in cannabis innovation and lifestyle integration.


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Purple Papaya Live Rosin

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