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Pr Og 28pk Pre-roll

Pr Og 28pk Pre-roll

Time Machine’s Fuel-Rods redefine the pre-roll experience, offering premium 100% greenhouse flower in a modern, consistent smoking adventure. Available in various strains suitable for any time of the day, these pre-rolls are perfect for sharing with friends on your journey through time and space. Choose from a 7-pack case or a 28-pack jar to complement your exploration of the past, present, and future. Discover the future of cannabis – choose Time Machine’s Fuel-Rods for an elevated experience.

THC 26.2%



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Embark on a futuristic cannabis journey with Time Machine’s Fuel-Rods, a modern take on pre-rolls that defy conventional norms. The Fuel-Rods are meticulously crafted, featuring our premium 100% greenhouse flower – absolutely no shake or trim included. Each pre-roll promises a consistent and exceptional smoking experience, elevating your senses beyond this world.

Time Machine’s Fuel-Rods come in a variety of strains suitable for any time of the day, ensuring a perfect match for every occasion. Ignite your journey through time and space as you share these pre-rolls with friends, enhancing your adventures.

Available in either a convenient 7-pack case or a generous 28-pack jar, Fuel-Rods are designed to be your ideal companion for a comprehensive journey through the past, present, and future. Our commitment to providing only what our dedicated Pac Stone team grows and cures ensures that you’re receiving farm-direct California cannabis at a reasonable price.

Don’t settle for pre-rolls stuck in the past. Experience the future of cannabis by trying Time Machine’s Fuel-Rods today and elevate your cannabis experience to unparalleled heights.




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Pr Og 28pk Pre-roll

Availability: 11 in stock

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