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Pink Boost Goddess Thcv 7.5g

Pink Boost Goddess Thcv 7.5g

Pink Boost Goddess is a distinguished cannabis strain, celebrated for its high THCV content and recognized as the 1st place winner at the Emerald Cup for two consecutive years. It features a unique blend of strawberry, mint, and floral aromas with a hint of peppery gas. The strain offers uplifting and focusing effects, making it a choice for those seeking a joyful and motivating experience. Cultivated with minimal processing, it preserves the natural qualities of the plant, ensuring a rich and authentic experience.

THC 10.19%

THCV 11.05%



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Pink Boost Goddess is a unique cannabis strain that garnered the prestigious first place at the Emerald Cup in both 2021 and 2022, a testament to its exceptional quality. This strain stands out for its high THCV content, a feature that has been recognized by SC Lab in California. Its cannabinoid profile includes 8-16% THC and 5-11% THCV, offering a distinctive experience.

The strain is characterized by its early flowering nature, typically harvested in mid to late September. The plants exhibit a compact structure, supporting dense buds adorned with vibrant pink and magenta hues. The aroma of Pink Boost Goddess is a captivating blend of strawberry and mint, complemented by creamy, floral notes and a hint of peppery gas. This rich scent profile is attributed to its prominent terpenes: Myrcene, Ocimene, and Terpinolene.

When consumed, Pink Boost Goddess delivers an uplifting and motivating experience, often described as focusing and joyful. Its minimal processing ensures the preservation of trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids, enhancing the overall quality.

Developed since 2016, this strain is now in its 6th generation and continues to offer a variety of phenotypes. Historical anecdotes suggest the use of THCV-rich cannabis for enhancing night vision and reducing appetite, qualities echoed in the experiences of Pink Boost Goddess users, who report heightened visual clarity and reduced cravings.



Farm Cut

Farm Cut is a collective of small, legacy family farmers who are committed to the earth, sustainable practices, and the cultivation of quality cannabis. Following regenerative and organic farming practices, they grow their flower in diverse environments, replete with fruits, vegetables, children, and animals. These farmers take immense pride in their stewardship of the environment, constantly seeking to maintain balance in every action they take.
The farmers at Farm Cut believe in providing full flower cannabis without trim, sharing what they actually keep in their head stash. This approach ensures that all the beneficial components of the flower, such as rich terpene profiles and intact trichomes, are preserved. Each farm hand-selects and packages their flower on-site, vacuum-sealing the jar to keep the flower fresh for the ultimate consumption experience. It represents the finest whole-plant cannabis produce on the market, cultivated with love and respect for the earth.
Farm Cut's philosophy embodies several core beliefs. Untrimmed cannabis is preferred, as it preserves the full plant medicine, including sugary leaves rich in terpenes and trichomes. Their focus on Earth First means that the sustainable practices they employ are beneficial for both the earth and consumers. Farm Cut also emphasizes the superiority of sungrown cannabis, believing that nature knows best when it comes to quality and taste. They see cannabis consumption as an experience to be savored from beginning to end, from peeling back the delicate leaves to rolling the perfect joint.
Other key elements of Farm Cut's philosophy include a commitment to regenerative cannabis, which involves improving soil biodiversity and richness to enhance the full-body flavor of the product. They believe in minimal processing to preserve the delicate flowers of the cannabis plant, maintaining what they refer to as the "plant magic." Farm Cut's dedication to small legacy farming offers consumers direct access to unique, minimally processed craft cannabis from small family farms located in California's legacy growing regions.
Regenerative farming is at the heart of Farm Cut's approach. They prioritize building soil quality through techniques like mulching, crop rotation, and reduced tillage. These practices enhance the habitat for beneficial soil organisms, increase organic matter, and are followed by all of Farm Cut's farmers. This alignment with regenerative principles ensures the integrity and sustainability of their products.
All of Farm Cut's farms are Sun+Earth Certified. This certification guarantees that the cannabis is grown under the sun, in the soil of mother earth, without the use of chemicals, and cultivated by farmers who are paid fairly. It reflects Farm Cut's overall commitment to sustainability, quality, and ethical farming practices, contributing to their reputation as a trusted source of craft cannabis products.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Pink Boost Goddess Thcv 7.5g

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