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Piff Mints Feminized Seeds 6pk

Piff Mints Feminized Seeds 6pk

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Piff Mints Feminized Seeds offer a true expression of California’s cannabis heritage, with characteristics that promote quality cultivation. Ideal for both farmers and enthusiasts.


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The Piff Mints Feminized Seeds provide a captivating array of characteristics that reflect California’s rich and diverse cannabis heritage. These feminized seeds are part of a selection that favors quality, offering increased yields, robust taproots, enhanced immune systems, elevated THC levels, and superior terpene profiles. The seeds are crafted with farmers and connoisseurs in mind, representing an authentic expression of the state’s cannabis culture.



Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics, based in Oakland, is a collective known for breeding and cultivating some of California's premier cannabis phenotypes. Their genetics program has been finely honed through deep connections to the plant and insights gained from the state's top growers and producers. Since 2008, the focus has been on growing plants for optimal health, potency, yield, and terpene production.
Adapting to significant changes in the cannabis industry, Purple City Genetics has expanded its breeding program to include seeds and seedlings for large-scale farms, while still upholding the stringent standards of their genetics program. They have established a lab within their nursery to systemize the testing and cleaning of their germplasm. Utilizing proven tools and developing innovative ones, their integrated lab addresses challenges with their own plants. The collective continues to lead, aligning with like-minded scientists, academics, and experts to face the immense challenges ahead for cannabis and its long-time stewards.
Purple City Genetics is firmly rooted in Oakland, where they've been zealously growing California's top-tier cannabis. Their work is informed by decades of horticultural expertise and a deep devotion to the plants. Oakland's history with cannabis is rich and complex, having been at the forefront of California's cannabis scene from the outlaw era to medical activism. The criminalization of cannabis and the drug war has deeply impacted the community, and the rapid commercialization and industrialization of cannabis pose new threats.
The collective maintains a steadfast commitment to social justice in all their endeavors, from daily business operations to strategic partnerships. They recognize a responsibility to address the visible wrongs in the history of cannabis and to resist its integration into a flawed agricultural system. This commitment reflects a broader vision that encompasses not only the cultivation of cannabis but also a strong ethical stance within the industry.


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Piff Mints Feminized Seeds 6pk

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