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Pb & K Seeds 12pk

Pb & K Seeds 12pk

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PB & K is a distinct cannabis strain, deriving from the Peanut Butter Breath and Sour Koosh strains. Named by Sespe Creek, it stands as an intriguing symbol of the complexity of cannabis genetics and the innovative spirit of cannabis breeding.


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PB & K is a captivating cannabis strain born from the combination of Peanut Butter Breath and Sour Koosh, with its name proudly given by Sespe Creek. This combination weaves together the unique attributes of two distinctive strains, creating a fascinating mix that encourages the exploration of cannabis genetics. PB & K not only carries the heritage of its parent strains but also represents a step forward in the continuous evolution of cannabis breeding.



Equilibrium Genetics

Equilibrium Genetics specializes in the production of hybrid, heirloom, and landrace cannabis seeds, aiming to help people legally access diverse cannabis genetics. Established in 2012 by Jason Matthys, the company has its roots in Mendocino County, California. The seeds provided by Equilibrium Genetics are the result of meticulous efforts in collecting, preserving, and hybridizing rare cannabis genetics from around the world.
The founder, Jason Matthys, has a prominent history in cannabis policy activism. Hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia, he became an active participant in the cannabis movement, founding a local chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and organizing political and educational events in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. His efforts earned him recognition through SSDP’s Outstanding Activist Award, and he has also been an organizer of the D.C. Marijuana March.
In 2014, Jason shifted his activism to Santa Cruz County to champion the rights of patients and cultivators. Together with other activists, he established an organization known as the Cannabis Advocates Alliance. Although now defunct, this group played a key role in orchestrating a successful local referendum in 2015 that overturned a cannabis cultivation ban.
Jason's dedication to the cause continues, as he engages in local, state, and national efforts to further the legacy of cannabis reform. He is an advocate for policies that enhance the rights of home cultivators, lower entry barriers to the cannabis industry, and permit the compassionate gifting of cannabis to those in need.
From its modest inception in 2012, Equilibrium Genetics has blossomed into one of California's most prominent cannabis genetics companies. Upholding its mission of supplying rare and high-quality cannabis genetics, the company stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence and diversity in the field of cannabis cultivation.


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Pb & K Seeds 12pk

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