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Paradise Pine Rosin Jam

Paradise Pine Rosin Jam

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  • Premium cannabis concentrate derived from Paradise Punch and Whitethorn Rose.
  • Developed by John Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms.
  • Notable for its beautiful colors and intense fruity and floral aroma.
  • Rich flavor profile that excels in concentrate form.
  • Ideal for users seeking depth in both taste and potency.

THC 760.77mg



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Paradise Pine Rosin Jam is a meticulously crafted cannabis concentrate that originates from a notable lineage involving the Paradise Punch cultivar, a strain celebrated for its robust genetics and historical significance. This cultivar, revived by John Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms after a long hiatus, has been foundational in developing several award-winning strains, including Whitethorn Rose. Paradise Pine Rosin Jam is a result of an intricate breeding process where Whitethorn Rose was backcrossed with its progenitor, Paradise Punch, enhancing its already impressive traits.

The concentrate boasts beautiful colors and an intense aroma, described as an “insane nose,” which highlights its fruity and floral characteristics inherited from Paradise Punch. The flavor profile is rich and unmistakable, making it a choice selection for those seeking depth in taste and aroma in their concentrates. This rosin jam not only carries the genetic legacy of its predecessors but also excels in translating these qualities into a refined and potent product ideal for experienced users.

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Ay Papi Co. proudly redefines cannabis culture by intertwining wellness, fitness, and fashion into its brand ethos. Born from a desire to dispel the "stoner stigma," Ay Papi Co. is dedicated to enhancing the modern lifestyle through exceptional cannabis experiences. They focus on producing exotic, unique, and rare cultivars, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being for their discerning clientele. By collaborating with a select group of cultivators from the Emerald Triangle, including Huckleberry Hill and Mattole Valley, they ensure every product is sun-grown and of the highest quality. This company stands out in the cannabis community through its commitment to crafting small-batch, craft solventless products. Co-founders Justin Lee and Alex Scherma, both alumni of the prestigious Ganjier program, are passionate about maintaining the integrity of their solventless products. This commitment ensures that all offerings are not only pure and potent but also align with sustainable and ethical production practices. The combination of high-end cannabis with a lifestyle-oriented approach positions Ay Papi Co. as a trendsetter in cannabis innovation and lifestyle integration.


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Paradise Pine Rosin Jam

Availability: 24 in stock

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