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Ogz Kush Infused Pre-roll

Ogz Kush Infused Pre-roll

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Experience the harmony of flavors and sensations with the Ogz Kush Infused 1g Pre-roll, a product where excellence meets tradition, offering a sublime cannabis journey.

THC 39.2521%



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infused with OGZ Kush hash and kief.

About Mendocino Natural Farms:
Mendocino Natural Farms is committed to cultivating supremely good medicine while maintaining a small earthly footprint. We grow some of the most prized cannabis flowers, concentrates, and hash in all of California. The best farming practices are based on care: we germinate our own seeds, produce our own clones, and develop our own life-filled soils.

As a member of the Emerald Triangle family of independent growers, we?re proud to be part of the emerging heritage of low-impact farming.

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Mendocino Natural Farms


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Ogz Kush Infused Pre-roll

Availability: 12 in stock

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