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Mule Fuel

Mule Fuel

Mule Fuel embodies the essence of tranquility in a hybrid cannabis strain, offering an exceptional aromatic and flavor profile that ranges from skunky diesel to subtle spicy floral notes. This potent strain is particularly noted for casting a veil of relaxation over the mind and body, making it a prized choice for those seeking to ease anxiety, stress, or simply unwind into euphoric restfulness. Its origins from Lurch and GMO Cookies give it a depth and potency that appeals to cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients alike.

THC 31%



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Mule Fuel is a captivating hybrid strain, a meticulous crossbreed of Lurch and GMO Cookies, designed for those who appreciate the profound depths of relaxation. It is characterized by its distinctive, robust aroma—a fusion of skunky and diesel notes with a complex underlay of spicy and floral-fruity undertones. With a Dank and Gassy score that hits the maximum, Mule Fuel is an olfactory journey that promises a savory and intensely earthy experience.

Renowned for its deeply soothing effects, this cultivar is a sanctuary for serenity seekers, offering a peaceful escape that helps dissolve tension. Its impact on the senses allows for an unwinding of anxieties, paving the way for a more relaxed and joyful state of being. While it’s particularly potent and thus favored by seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, its reported influences include inducing sleepiness and a sense of euphoria, making it a natural choice for individuals managing symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and stress.

The flavor profile of Mule Fuel is as intriguing as its effects, with an intriguing blend reminiscent of tobacco, chemical, and diesel—testimony to its dominant terpene, terpinolene. It’s a taste that’s as memorable as its soothing capabilities. Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing Mule Fuel describe a state of tranquil contentment, a testament to its carefully curated genetics.

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Mule Fuel

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