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Medihaze Tincture

Medihaze Tincture

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MediHaze offers a super mellow yet focused experience with its balanced CBD-dominant formula. Containing 14.9mg CBD, 9.3mg THC, and 4.5mg CBDa per 1mL dose, it’s perfect for relaxation without the loss of clarity. Grown by Foothill River Farms, it’s the go-to option for those in pursuit of calm with the ability to stay productive.

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Bliss out with MediHaze, a balanced CBD-dominant strain that’s famous for its calming and mellow characteristics. Ideal for those days when relaxation is a priority, but clarity and focus are also required, MediHaze provides a unique blend of sensations.

Each 1mL dose of this unique tincture is composed of 14.9mg CBD, 9.3mg THC, and 4.5mg CBDa. Along with coconut MCT oil and steam-distilled cannabis terpenes, it offers a full-spectrum experience that helps to keep brain fog at bay while promoting a calming sense of well-being. This strain is cultivated by Foothill River Farms, assuring a quality product.




Chemistry's mission is to stay true to the plant. Their full-spectrum cannabis products are crafted from small batches of sustainably cultivated flower, grown with care under the sun by leading craft farms in Northern California. These 100% natural products encapsulate both the flavor and effect of each unique strain, reflecting a commitment to authenticity and quality.
Chemistry's approach is defined by its emphasis on single origin sourcing. Each batch of full-spectrum oil is made from one strain harvested from one farm. These single-origin releases are strain-specific, with blended products formulated for specific effects. This method ensures a high level of quality and consistency across their product line.
Sustainable practices are central to Chemistry's operations. As an ethical business, they are dedicated to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices that are also economically viable. Whether through their hand-selected, small-batch strains or their commitment to organic cultivation techniques, Chemistry prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of their work.
Quality is further ensured through Chemistry's dedication to craft cannabis. Their partner farms employ age-old regenerative methods, such as polyculture and living soil, to create diverse biomes. Many of these farms are recognized with certifications like Sun+Earth, demonstrating their adherence to organic practices.
Chemistry honors the natural environment of the cannabis plant, promoting sun-grown products that allow roots to burrow deep into the soil and leaves to bask in natural sunlight. They believe that while artificial lighting can produce quality cannabis, sunlight offers a superior, more natural experience.
Unlike many competitors, Chemistry's products are not distillates. They thoughtfully capture all the biomolecular goodness responsible for stimulating the brain, refining out unnecessary elements. This full-spectrum approach ensures a comprehensive and authentic cannabis experience.
The scientific foundation of Chemistry is robust. Their founder and CEO holds a PhD in organic chemistry, laying the groundwork for a deep understanding of complex chemical processes. This expertise is employed to create authentic products that stay true to the unique characteristics of each plant.
Terpene preservation is a priority for Chemistry. They avoid artificial flavoring agents, opting instead to steam-distill, refine, and cure each batch to preserve the delicate terpene essential oils. The result is a purer, more flavorful product.
Adhering to higher standards, Chemistry's products are rigorously tested to ensure they are free of contaminants and additives. From pesticides and heavy metals to residual solvents, all potential contaminants are thoroughly examined throughout the manufacturing process.
Chemistry employs innovative and safe liquid methods for extraction and refinement, avoiding traditional solvents like CO2, butane, propane, or ethanol. Their gentle techniques are designed to preserve the complete profile of therapeutic agents, including acids and entourage molecules, rather than isolated THC or CBD.
Environmentally conscious practices are fundamental to Chemistry's commitment to planetary stewardship. They actively minimize waste streams and conserve resources through methods such as solvent recovery and reuse, byproduct repurposing, and energy efficiency initiatives.
Chemistry's founding principles encompass core values that guide their daily operations: Staying true to themselves, loving the plant while respecting the science, working with awareness, paying attention to details, being open, honest, and transparent, and striving to improve a little each day.


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Medihaze Tincture

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