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Maxi Lighter With Sespe Logo

Maxi Lighter With Sespe Logo

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Assorted BIC lighters with child-resistant safety guard and pre-adjusted flame control. The oval-shaped design offers a comfortable grip, and they are built to last with proven BIC quality. Available in various colors.



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The BIC lighters come in an assortment of colors, with a full size of 3.14 inches. Designed with safety in mind, they include a child-resistant safety guard to prevent accidental ignition. The flame’s height is controlled by pre-adjusted settings, and the oval-shaped barrel ensures a comfortable grip. Built with BIC’s renowned quality, these lighters are not only extra long-lasting but also available in various colors. They provide the same classic and reliable performance that users have trusted for years.




BIC Lighters are designed with safety in mind, being child-resistant and reliable. Each lighter is 100% Quality Inspected, ensuring that the product you receive meets the company's high standards. These lighters offer up to 2 times more lights compared to the next full-size leading brand. Every BIC lighter goes through more than 50 separate, automated quality checks during the manufacturing process, showcasing the brand's commitment to excellence.


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Maxi Lighter With Sespe Logo

Availability: 28 in stock

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