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Maui Wowie Syrup-tincture

Maui Wowie Syrup-tincture

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Maui Wowie Syrup-tincture offers a 1000mg Nano-emulsified, Terpene-enriched experience, perfect for those who wish to explore the combination of cannabis and sizzurp.

THC 1000mg



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Maui Wowie Syrup-tincture by TONIK is another answer to the sizzurp lovers’ call. Infused with the essence of California’s Cannabis culture, this 1000mg Nano-emulsified, Terpene-enriched syrup is prepared in your favorite flavors, ready to elevate you on a moon trip. Be sure to have extra time to fully enjoy this exotic experience.




TONIK is at the forefront of innovation with its cutting-edge nano-infusion technology, leading the industry with rapid onset times that truly make an impact. This innovative approach enables the products to be consumed independently or mixed with other beverages, creating unique and exciting blends.
At the core of TONIK's vision is a single, focused mission: to improve the lives of its users. Through its pioneering technology and commitment to quality, TONIK strives to provide an enhanced experience that resonates with those seeking something beyond the ordinary.


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Maui Wowie Syrup-tincture

Availability: 30 in stock

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