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Maui Sunset Infused Shake Sativa

Maui Sunset Infused Shake Sativa

Experience the joyous embrace of Maui Sunset Infused Shake Sativa, a tropical blend of sweet, citrus, and pine flavors, promising uplifted, creative, and happy moments, ideal for combating fatigue and stress.

THC 41.34%



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Let the Maui Sunset Infused Shake Sativa transport you to an island paradise with its invigorating profile. This sativa dominant hybrid is a delightful marriage between Hawaiian and Mendocino Purps lineages, offering a grade AAA quality experience for users. The flavor notes are a joyous celebration of sweet, citrusy pine accompanied by undertones of lemons and cream with a herbal finish, stimulating all your senses. When it comes to effects, anticipate a wave of creativity and sociability, with uplifted spirits that might leave you giggling. It’s commonly sought after for its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with fatigue, ADHD, depression, and stress, making it a companion for those seeking solace and happiness.



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Maui Sunset Infused Shake Sativa

Availability: 21 in stock

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