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Lunar 1g Pre-roll

Lunar 1g Pre-roll

  • Sustainable Practices: Crafted using Sun+Earth Certified cannabis from Moon Made Farms, emphasizing regenerative agriculture that exceeds organic standards and supports greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Equity Commitment: Proudly woman-owned, with a focus on equity and community empowerment through collaborative partnerships like this one.
  • Creative Collaboration: A seamless joint effort with Dolo Rolling Co. handling the expert logistics, packaging, and distribution, showcasing the strength of community-driven brands.

THC 25.16%



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The stars have aligned above Sespe Creek and our first product collaboration has hit the shelves. Introducing our house prerolls. A team effort among Sespe Creek, Moon Made Farms, and Dolo Rolling Co. We’ve seen hundreds of brands and thousands of products since the days before cannabis legalization and through to today — we’ve been doing this for a long time. We have standards and won’t just carry anything. These standards would be even higher for a product we put our own name on and this collaboration is just that.

We see educated consumers recognizing how supporting regeneratively and fairly cultivated cannabis can help achieve our nations greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Moon Made Farms is a Sun+Earth Certified regenerative farm which means they go above organic practices and actually contribute to an improved ecosystem. Like us they are woman owned and equity focused.

Tina at Moon Made introduced us to the great folks at Dolo who facilitated labeling, packaging, distribution, and logistics. As one equity licensee supporting another, Sespe Creek is excited to be a retail partner with this creative, community building, collaboration brand.

Sun grown and moon made, our lunar solar prerolls are the perfect blend of quality, sustainability, equity, and affordability.

Join us in celebrating the launch of this collaboration and honoring this sacred plant.

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Sespe Creek

Sespe Creek is a prominent name in Ventura County as the first licensed dispensary and delivery service in the region. Standing out as a woman-owned and operated business, Sespe Creek prides itself on sourcing the majority of its flower from small farms that emphasize sustainability. These farms operate ethically and focus on giving back to the community, a commitment that aligns with Sespe Creek's ethos. The phrase "Our Grass is Greener" embodies their approach to business, reflecting a deeper commitment to quality and integrity.
In addition to its ethical sourcing practices, Sespe Creek has achieved recognition as a California Certified Green Business. The company's dedication to community support manifests in various ways, contributing to its reputation as a responsible and caring organization. This has led to Sespe Creek being consistently voted the #1 dispensary in Ojai. Those who visit the beautiful boutique are welcomed by friendly wellness experts, eager to assist and educate customers on the best products for their needs.
The mission of Sespe Creek is multifaceted and ambitious. It aims to normalize cannabis use both medicinally and socially, while simultaneously supporting sustainable and equitable farms. They strive to create an inclusive boutique environment, offering an exceptionally curated menu, guided by expert staff. By setting high standards and maintaining a commitment to excellence, Sespe Creek defines what a dispensary should be, embodying a model that others in the industry can look up to.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Lunar 1g Pre-roll

Availability: 29 in stock

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