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Love And Laughter Handpicked

Love And Laughter Handpicked

  • Energizing and focusing effects, suitable for daytime use.
  • Aroma combines flowers, eucalyptus, and berries.
  • Cross between Valentine Clone and Leni’s Laughter.
  • Grown by Heartrock Mountain Farm, a Dragonfly Earth Medicine-certified producer.
  • Terpene profile includes Myrcene, Terpinolene, β-Caryophyllene, and α-Pinene.

CBD 10%

THC 1%



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Love and Laughter, a unique strain cultivated by the esteemed Heartrock Mountain Farm, exemplifies the rich cannabis heritage of Northern California. This strain, a harmonious blend of Valentine Clone and Leni’s Laughter (a mix of Lucy’s Lion and Charlotte’s Web), offers a non-intoxicating, energizing, and focusing experience, perfect for users seeking clarity and productivity without overwhelming euphoria.

The aroma of Love and Laughter is a delightful fusion of floral, eucalyptus, and berry notes, creating a refreshing and invigorating sensory experience. This profile makes it a favorite among those who appreciate the subtler, more nuanced aspects of cannabis aromatics.

The terpene profile of Love and Laughter, featuring Myrcene, Terpinolene, β-Caryophyllene, and α-Pinene, contributes to its unique aromatic blend and synergizes with its effects to provide an uplifting yet grounded experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance focus for creative endeavors or simply enjoy a lively yet relaxed day, Love and Laughter is an excellent choice for those who value quality, sustainability, and heritage in their cannabis selection.

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Heartrock Mountain Farm


At Sespe Creek, we recognize Solful as a vital partner in our mission to promote health and happiness through cannabis. Solful distinguishes itself by its commitment to quality, safety, and ethical production in the diverse cannabis landscape of Northern California. Their rigorous selection process ensures that only the most effective, safe, and ethically produced products are offered, aligning with our standards and values. The Solful team, passionate about education and staying abreast of the latest cannabis research, enables us to provide our community with products and knowledge that we truly believe in. Our collaboration with Solful, especially in introducing co-branded jars at Sespe Creek, is a testament to our shared values of sustainability and quality. This partnership not only strengthens our commitment to providing premium, sungrown cannabis but also broadens the availability of these superior products to the Southern California market. Through this alliance, Sespe Creek and Solful together drive forward the cannabis industry, championing a future where quality, knowledge, and sustainability lead the way.


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Love And Laughter Handpicked

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