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Lemon Cheesecake 14g

Lemon Cheesecake 14g

Lemon Cheesecake, also known as “Lemon Cheese,” is a remarkable sativa strain resulting from Lemon Skunk and Cheese parentage. Its buds emit a powerful aroma combining musky, earthy, and skunky tones, while the taste profile offers a pleasing fusion of skunky notes with a sweet, creamy lemon flavor.

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Lemon Cheesecake, also recognized as “Lemon Cheese,” stands as a captivating sativa marijuana strain. This distinct creation stems from the crossbreeding of Lemon Skunk and Cheese. The buds emanate a potent fragrance blending musky, earthy, and skunky aromas. When it comes to the flavor, it offers a delightful interplay of skunky notes with a creamy, sweet lemon essence.



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Lemon Cheesecake 14g

Availability: 12 in stock

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