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Lantz (Green Lantern X Runtz)

Lantz (Green Lantern X Runtz)

Experience the captivating aroma and visual allure of Lantz by Ridgeline Farms. This heirloom cross, a blend of Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz – both Emerald Cup winners, has been meticulously crafted over four years of breeding by Ridgeline Farms. Breaking the seal releases sweet candy and earthy pine scents, while platinum trichomes adorn rigid, dense purple buds. Lantz is a testament to the dedication and expertise of family farmers, promising a truly exceptional cannabis encounter.

THC 23.54%



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Embark on a sensory journey with Lantz by Ridgeline Farms, a strain that captivates from the moment the seal is broken. This heirloom cross is the result of combining two Emerald Cup winners, Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz, meticulously honed over more than four years of dedicated breeding by the family farmers at Ridgeline Farms.

As the seal is broken, Lantz unveils a reeking aroma that harmoniously blends sweet candy and earthy pine notes. The visual spectacle is equally impressive, with rigid, dense purple buds sparkling with platinum trichomes. This strain is not merely a product; it’s a testament to the passion, commitment, and expertise of the family farmers who have dedicated years to perfecting the art of breeding.

Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz, both celebrated strains in their own right, contribute to the genetic legacy of Lantz. The meticulous breeding process has resulted in a strain that stands out for its unique sensory profile and visual appeal. Lantz becomes more than just a cannabis variety; it becomes a representation of the artistry and dedication embedded in each meticulously cultivated bud.

Lantz invites enthusiasts and connoisseurs to immerse themselves in an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication of Ridgeline Farms, promising a truly exceptional and unforgettable encounter with every session. Explore the world of Lantz and discover the legacy crafted by family farmers who pour their hearts into the art of cultivating extraordinary cannabis.

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Lantz (Green Lantern X Runtz)

Availability: 17 in stock

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