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Ice Cream Mintz Cake Temple Ball Hash 1g

Ice Cream Mintz Cake Temple Ball Hash 1g

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Ice Cream Mintz Cake, affectionately known as Ice Cream Mints, is an exquisitely potent indica strain resulting from the cross between Ice Cream Cake and Kush Mints. This strain stands out for its remarkably high potency, making it a top choice for highly experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Users often describe the effects as inducing hunger, sparking giggles, and promoting a joyful mood, making it a delightful option for social gatherings or a relaxing evening at home. Medical marijuana patients frequently turn to Ice Cream Mintz Cake for its efficacy in soothing symptoms related to anxiety, stress, and depression, finding significant relief and comfort.

With a captivating flavor profile that artfully blends creamy vanilla, refreshing mint, and subtle notes of violet, Ice Cream Mintz Cake offers a unique and luxurious tasting experience. The presence of limonene as its dominant terpene not only contributes to its enticing aroma but also enhances its mood-lifting and stress-relieving properties. Whether for recreational enjoyment or therapeutic use, Ice Cream Mintz Cake is an exceptional strain that combines deep relaxation with a sensory delight.

THC 62.67%



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Ice Cream Mintz Cake, is a premium indica strain created by blending Ice Cream Cake with Kush Mints. Known for its high potency, it’s a favorite among experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Users report feelings of hunger, giddiness, and happiness. It’s especially popular among medical patients for managing anxiety, stress, and depression. Its unique flavor profile combines vanilla, mint, and a hint of violet, with limonene as the dominant terpene, offering a refreshing and indulgent experience.

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Ice Cream Mintz Cake Temple Ball Hash 1g

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