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Humidity Control Pack – 62% 8 Grams

Humidity Control Pack – 62% 8 Grams


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Boveda’s humidity control packets offer a versatile solution for maintaining the right moisture content in various products from food to tobacco. Available in multiple sizes and humidity levels, these reusable packets use patented technology to add or remove humidity as needed, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor.


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Boveda’s humidity control packets are designed to maintain the optimal humidity level for various products such as food, cigars, cigarettes, RYO, chewing tobacco, or herbal medicine. Both excess humidity and dryness can negatively affect these products, altering their taste, texture, and even leading to the growth of mold. Boveda’s patented technology addresses this issue by adding or removing humidity as required.

These innovative packets are available in three sizes and a range of Relative Humidity (RH) levels, allowing users to find the perfect Boveda pack to suit their specific package, container, and personal preference. What sets Boveda apart is its rehydratable nature. These packets can be rehydrated repeatedly for reuse, extending their value and appeal. A video guide is available to demonstrate the rehydration process, providing an easily accessible resource for users to learn how to maintain their products’ character and quality effectively.




Becoming the global leader in a specific category is a monumental task, and the challenge is even greater when the category itself is novel. Boveda managed to overcome these hurdles and has been pioneering in their field since 1997. The path to leadership was fraught with difficulties, but the company's steadfast determination guided them to success.
Adopting the motto "Never, ever, ever give up," Boveda made perseverance one of their core values. This commitment can be seen in their operations today, where they ship out millions of two-way humidity control packets every year. These humble brown packets play a crucial role in various applications, from preserving fine cigars and regulating the environment for musical instruments, to maintaining the quality of cannabis.
Though it might seem like a lot to expect from a simple product, Boveda's dedication over more than two decades has been centered on protecting the passions of their customers. The results speak for themselves, as they continue to lead and innovate in their unique market niche.

1 review for Humidity Control Pack – 62% 8 Grams

  1. Mike

    These are inexpensive miniature humidors that can prolong the life of your flower, and bring flower that has dried out back to a pungent and enjoyable state. Budget friendly and very effective. Just drop it into your pouch or jar.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Humidity Control Pack – 62% 8 Grams

Availability: 30 in stock

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