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Gush Mints 1g Cold Cure Rosin

Gush Mints 1g Cold Cure Rosin

Gush Mints 1g Cold Cure Rosin is an indica-dominant hybrid offering gassy, sweet flavors with piney notes and a relaxing body-zapping high. A fusion of quality and sustainability, it’s an enjoyable choice for relaxation.

THC 75.8%



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Gush Mints is a 1g Cold Cure Rosin representing a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid strain, born from a cross of Kush Mints and the combined F1 Durb and Gushers. Bred by Purple City Genetics, Gush Mints brings together the best attributes of the Cookies family strains, including gassy, sweet terps with piney notes and dense, dark green and purple buds covered in trichomes. The body-zapping high soothes the mind, leading to a state of relaxation that feels great but may leave one less productive. Crafted with a commitment to solventless production, Gush Mints maintains high-quality standards and environmental considerations.

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Real Deal Resin

Real Deal Resin is a brand that fully comprehends the needs of the consumer, particularly because they are consumers themselves. Their commitment to the connoisseur is evident in their dedicated genetic research and relentless quality control standards. These elements come together to create a brand that appeals to those with discerning tastes and a deep appreciation for quality.


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Gush Mints 1g Cold Cure Rosin

Availability: 8 in stock

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