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Energy + Focus Thcv Capsules

Energy + Focus Thcv Capsules

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Happy Chance Good Day THCv Capsules offer a blend of 10 mg THC and 10 mg THCv in each vegetable capsule, delivering a total of 250 mg per bottle. Crafted with Lion’s mane extract, cordyceps extract, lemon balm extract, and vitamin B12, these capsules are designed to boost energy, reduce stress, and improve focus for a productive day.

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Elevate your days with Happy Chance Good Day THCv Capsules. Crafted to boost energy, reduce stress, and enhance focus, these capsules are your secret to seizing the day with vitality. Each vegetable-based capsule contains 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of THCv, delivering a total of 250 mg of these stimulating cannabinoids per bottle.

With a natural blend of ingredients, including Lion’s mane extract (10:1), cordyceps extract (8:1), lemon balm extract, and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), these capsules provide a balanced approach to energy and focus. The nano-encapsulated cannabis extract ensures fast and efficient absorption.

Happy Chance is your partner in achieving productivity, whether you’re tackling work, creative projects, or simply need a mental boost.



Happy Chance

Happy Chance is a collective consisting of long-time cannabis consumers, outdoor enthusiasts, health advocates, adventurers, dreamers, and lovers. They are committed to the integrity of their products, specifically focusing on creating a powerhouse edible that is functional, complete, and elevating. The ingredients chosen and the whole cannabis sourced reflect their dedication to not only creating something delicious and fun but also enhancing the overall experience of the user.
Founded by Katherine Knowlton, a talented chef driven by a desire to produce healthy, sustainable, and approachable cannabis products, Happy Chance originated from her personal search for edibles that would not exacerbate her chronic digestive issues. Finding that most market options were unhealthy, Katherine set out to craft something unique, using organic whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, and pure small-batch solventless rosin. The result was Happy Chance fruit bites, a product created with heart, soul, and innovation. As the brand grows, it continues to dedicate itself to clean cannabis and eco-friendly ingredients.
The name and logo of Happy Chance have a rich history, stemming from the real Happy Chance Farm in North Carolina's mountains, a place synonymous with joy and happiness. The name was coined by the founder's grandfather, "Big Dad," and a wooden bear welcoming visitors to the farm became a symbol for the brand. Big Dad's love for cooking and the essence of the farm are carried through Happy Chance's products, honoring a legacy of wonder and light.
Happy Chance's commitment to the environment is reflected in their sustainability promise. They conscientiously source organic and upcycled ingredients from transparent supply chains and use recyclable packaging, all aimed at leaving a positive impact on the planet. Intention and integrity are woven into their products, reflecting their desire to demonstrate how cannabis can encourage positive lifestyle changes and support a more active and conscious way of living.

1 review for Energy + Focus Thcv Capsules

  1. Devin Palmer

    I love these capsules. I like to take these during the day to help keep me focused.They don’t give me the munchies which helps me stay in line with my weight loss goals!

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Energy + Focus Thcv Capsules

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