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Gmo Cookies 1g Hash Rosin

Gmo Cookies 1g Hash Rosin

GMO Cookies 1g Hash Rosin offers a complex flavor that resembles freshly baked peanut butter cookies, with a rich cannabinoid profile and pleasing aromas of clove, citrus, and lavender. An indulgent choice for discerning enthusiasts.



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GMO Cookies is a unique 1g Hash Rosin, crafted from a cross of the heavyweight favorite GMO with the Bay Area cult classic, Girl Scout Cookies. Renowned for its enormous yields and pristine resin, GMO Cookies has become an in-house favorite for many. Its rich and complex taste profile conjures up the sensation of tasting a freshly baked batch of grandma’s peanut butter cookies. With a THC content of 71.693% and total cannabinoids reaching 79.69%, this hash rosin exhibits primary aromas of clove, citrus, lavender, and chamomile. Its terpene profile includes Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene, creating a unique blend that adds depth to its flavor.

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Real Deal Resin

Real Deal Resin is a brand that fully comprehends the needs of the consumer, particularly because they are consumers themselves. Their commitment to the connoisseur is evident in their dedicated genetic research and relentless quality control standards. These elements come together to create a brand that appeals to those with discerning tastes and a deep appreciation for quality.


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Gmo Cookies 1g Hash Rosin

Availability: 9 in stock

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