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Fruit Gummies

Fruit Gummies

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Oasis fruit gummies feature a 5-flavor combo and contain 10mg of delta-9-THC per piece, offering a total of 100mg THC per package for a delightful cannabis experience.

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THC 100mg



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Oasis fruit gummies are made with real fruit, offering a delectable treat with 10mg of precisely dosed oasis cannabis co. delta-9-THC per gummy. The 10-pack comes in a 5-flavor combo, including lemon lime, blood orange, sour peach, sour watermelon, and sour pineapple. With a total of 100mg THC per package, these gummies provide a precise and enjoyable way to consume cannabis.




Oasis is a concept driven by a love for cannabis and the community it fosters. The founders of the company were inspired by a simple desire: to get high and connect with others who share the same inclination. They believe in engaging in the kinds of conversations that those under the influence often find themselves immersed in, whether pondering whimsical ideas like NASA inventing thunderstorms to mask space battles or seriously considering the positive changes they can make in the world as a company.
The Oasis Mindset isn't just about a shared love for cannabis; it's also about making a stand against the ordinary and the mainstream. This company urges supporters to choose independent cannabis producers over corporate overlords. They see themselves as an escape from the conventional, providing a unique and authentic experience for their community.
Behind the Oasis is a diverse team of professionals, including growers, creatives, chefs, and lab experts, who have dedicated almost two decades to the cannabis industry. While they've been labeled as "stoners" a time or two, they wear the title with pride, knowing that their collective passion drives them to provide the best for their community.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Fruit Gummies

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