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Fatso, born from the genetics of GMO Cookies and Legend OG by Cannarado, is a robust indica-dominant strain catering to aficionados of gas, Kush, and Cookies. With its fuel-like flavor and a potent THC profile, it’s a prime choice for hash enthusiasts. Approach with caution, as this strain is sure to deliver a deeply relaxing experience, best enjoyed in close proximity to a comfortable resting spot.

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Fatso, a robust strain, results from a cross between GMO Cookies and Legend OG, carefully crafted by the esteemed Colorado-based breeder Cannarado. This relatively recent addition to the cannabis repertoire is not for the faint of lungs, boasting a distinctive fusion of gas, Kush, and Cookies flavors. The indica-dominant strain features a unique, fuel-like taste, a testament to its potency and character. With a notable high THC content and trichome-laden appearance, Fatso is particularly favored for hash production. Prepare for a deeply relaxing experience; it’s advisable to have a comfortable spot nearby, as you won’t want to move too far.

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