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Creme De La Mendo 1g Rosin Sauce

Creme De La Mendo 1g Rosin Sauce

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Creme De La Mendo 1g Rosin Sauce offers a unique wet sand-like consistency and a taste profile of creamy apricot octane, followed by a calm and sedative high. A delightful experience for those seeking innovation in rosin sauce.

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Creme De La Mendo, the latest addition to the signature line of rosin sauce, showcases a wet sand-like consistency with intriguing micro-caviar THC crystals. Opening the jar unveils an initial sweet, caramelized gas aroma that translates into creamy apricot octane flavors lingering after exhaling. This experience is completed with a calm and sedative high. Reflecting a transition into a sustainable, solventless production model, this product embodies a commitment to quality and environmental wellbeing, resonating with over two decades of personal and commercial cultivation experience.

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Real Deal Resin

Real Deal Resin is a brand that fully comprehends the needs of the consumer, particularly because they are consumers themselves. Their commitment to the connoisseur is evident in their dedicated genetic research and relentless quality control standards. These elements come together to create a brand that appeals to those with discerning tastes and a deep appreciation for quality.


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Creme De La Mendo 1g Rosin Sauce

Availability: 15 in stock

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