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Cookies & Cream Infused Shake Hybrid

Cookies & Cream Infused Shake Hybrid

Cookies and Cream Infused Shake Hybrid offers a sweet dessert-like flavor with a blend of energizing and calming effects. It’s known for its daytime relief and adaptable character, suitable for various needs.

THC 40.46%



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Cookies and Cream Infused Shake Hybrid is a multifaceted marijuana strain, the result of a cross between Starfighter and a confidential GSC phenotype. The strain’s name is not just a reference to its sweet taste, reminiscent of the classic dessert, but also to its unique blend of invigorating and calming effects. During the day, it provides prolonged relief for various symptoms, easing tensions gracefully. However, users should be cautious with its potency, as higher doses may encourage sleepiness. Its versatility makes Cookies and Cream suitable for both inspiration and relaxation.

Terpenes, ,


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