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Cannabis For Creatives

Cannabis For Creatives

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Explore the relationship between creativity and cannabis through the insights of photographer and writer Jordana Wright. In her detailed book, she uncovers historical perspectives, explores creativity, and delves into personal interviews to offer a comprehensive view on this intriguing connection. A compelling read for anyone interested in the interplay between artistic expression and cannabis.


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Jordana Wright, a seasoned photographer, writer, educator, and travel enthusiast with over 15 years in the photography industry, has ventured into the intricate relationship between creativity and cannabis. Living in the Cayo District of Belize after exploring the United States for two nomadic decades, she shares her insights through a book that dives into various facets of creativity and cannabis. The book uncovers historical perspectives, scientific analyses of creativity, and the impact of cannabis on the human brain. It also includes an in-depth study of the plant itself, personal interviews, and guidance for exploring one’s own creativity with cannabis. Jordana’s profound understanding and artistic sensibility make this a compelling read for enthusiasts and scholars alike.



Jordana Wright


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Cannabis For Creatives

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