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Blue Dream 1g Fso

Blue Dream 1g Fso

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Discover Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid with a balanced high, offering cerebral stimulation and soothing relaxation. Known for its sweet berry aroma and taste, Blue Dream is a favorite among both new and experienced cannabis users. With its origins in California, it has earned legendary status and is cherished for its therapeutic potential in addressing depression, chronic pain, and nausea.

THC 767mg



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Experience full control over your cannabis journey with our easy-to-use applicator, allowing precise dosage measurement and versatile enjoyment. Inside, you’ll find our strain-specific cannabis oil, the same TRU Spectrum™ used in our premium cartridges.

Introducing Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid born from the fusion of Blueberry and Haze strains. This well-balanced strain offers a nuanced high, characterized by cerebral stimulation and comprehensive relaxation. Blue Dream, with its moderate THC content, has earned the admiration of both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. While it boasts a lower CBD percentage, this potent strain has become a beloved favorite among consumers.

In the realm of flavor, Blue Dream is renowned for its sweet berry aroma and taste. Medical marijuana patients often turn to Blue Dream to alleviate symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. Originating in California, this strain has attained legendary status on the West Coast and has rapidly risen to prominence as one of the most sought-after varieties.



Friendly Brand

Friendly Brand® is committed to producing the most authentic strain-specific experience, boasting the highest quality of cannabis extracts and flower. Their products, sourced from the very best farms globally, particularly California's top cultivators, provide consumers with an unparalleled experience of cannabis purity.
Friendly Brand® adheres to a philosophy of using only one ingredient in their products: cannabis. They never resort to additives or cutting agents. Instead, they believe in the unique benefits and flavors of each cannabis strain, as represented by their signature TruSpectrum™. With TruSpectrum™ extracts, Friendly Brand® promises the most natural cannabis experience, achieved through a single-step extraction process, reminiscent of traditional methods.
Crafted from cannabis sourced from California’s most renowned farmers, Friendly Farms' TruSpectrum™ extracts are created with care to preserve the native terpenes and cannabinoids profiles of premium plants. By maintaining sub-zero temperatures during extraction, the natural flavors, aromas, and effects are retained, enhancing the vaping experience. It's a brand that stands for authenticity and quality, never resorting to heavily refined or altered products.
Unlike many other brands that may use heavily refined, separated, and subpar methods, Friendly Brand® maintains an approach that never involves autoflowering or CRC. They provide raw, uncut, authentic cannabis. The brand's ethos revolves around friendships and community, symbolized by the slogan "Friends Selling Friends, Our Friend's Weed." This sense of connection and shared passion resonates with the brand's mission, ensuring quality and authenticity in every product they offer.


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Blue Dream 1g Fso

Availability: 19 in stock

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