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Ask Ed

Ask Ed

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“Ask Ed: Marijuana Success” is a compilation of articles detailing the experiences and knowledge of master cannabis grower, Ed Rosenthal. Offering insights into efficient growing techniques, understanding when to harvest, and the benefits of smaller plants, this book is a comprehensive guide for hobbyists, home growers, and industry professionals, encapsulating the addictive art of cannabis cultivation.


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Experience the remarkable journey of a master cannabis cultivator with “Ask Ed: Marijuana Success.” This compilation of twenty articles offers an insightful peek into Ed’s experiments, adventures, and learnings, acquired from small backyard endeavors to large-scale commercial operations. The content is supplemented with questions and answers submitted to Ed’s well-known “Ask Ed” marijuana advice column.

“Ask Ed: Marijuana Success” dives into a plethora of cultivation techniques and strategies for both indoor and outdoor gardens. The book delves into maximizing natural and supplementary lighting, setting up efficient, water-conserving wick systems, employing UV light to boost potency, selecting the best varieties for home growing, understanding when buds have reached peak ripeness for harvesting, and the numerous benefits of cultivating smaller plants.

A valuable read for home gardeners aiming for a bountiful harvest, hobbyists exploring new cultivation techniques, and industry professionals alike. No matter your expertise level, “Ask Ed: Marijuana Success” serves as a useful guide, brimming with ideas on how to enhance your gardening success and accomplish your cultivation objectives.

As Ed Rosenthal himself puts it, “While using marijuana may not be addictive, growing it is.”



Ed Rosenthal

Edward "Ed" Rosenthal, born on December 2, 1944, is an American horticulturist, author, publisher, and Cannabis grower. He has gained recognition for his strong advocacy for the legalization of marijuana use. Rosenthal's contributions to the cause were evident during the 1980s and 1990s when he served as a columnist for High Times Magazine.
In 2002, Rosenthal faced legal trouble when he was arrested by federal authorities for cultivation of cannabis. Although states have their regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana, the federal authorities did not recognize this authority. Consequently, Rosenthal was convicted in federal court, but this conviction was later overturned on appeal. He was subsequently convicted again but was not re-sentenced, as he had already completed his original sentence.
Rosenthal's activism extends beyond personal cultivation; he has been instrumental in promoting and developing civil regulation policies for medicinal marijuana. Following the passage of California's Proposition 215 in 1996, which authorized medicinal use of marijuana, Rosenthal collaborated with state and local governments to ensure the delivery of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to patients who had a doctor's recommendation for marijuana use.
In addition to his work as an advocate and activist, Rosenthal has authored numerous books on the subject of marijuana cultivation. His writings have further cemented his position as a leading figure in the field.

1 review for Ask Ed

  1. Mike

    The king of growing! I have been “asking Ed” since the mid 80s. A valuable and thorough resource for the casual grower and expert farmer alike. Ed has decades of experience and this wonderful tool keeps getting updated as time goes on.

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