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Animal Mintz Unpressed Hash

Animal Mintz Unpressed Hash

Dive into the world of exquisite cannabis craftsmanship with Animal Mints Green Label Hash by East Mill Creek. This finely cultivated strain is a crossbreed masterpiece, blending Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and GSC, courtesy of the renowned Seed Junky Genetics. With a THC content of 702mg, a melt scale rating of 70%, and a tantalizing terpene profile featuring spicy, minty, and earthy notes, this hash promises a tingly, relaxed, and euphoric experience. Cultivated in the native soils of Humboldt CA, East Mill Creek’s commitment to sungrown practices shines through, ensuring a potent and flavorful journey. Nasha’s Green Label Hash, with its unique loose form and old-school hash qualities, adds a kick to your regular routine. Elevate your cannabis experience with Animal Mints – a true embodiment of quality and craftsmanship.

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East Mill Creek, a prominent 10,000 square foot outdoor cannabis farm situated on the north-end of the Lost Coast in Humboldt CA, presents a cannabis masterpiece – Animal Mints Green Label Hash. A harmonious blend of three distinguished strains, Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and GSC, this creation is courtesy of the esteemed Seed Junky Genetics. Delving into the roots of East Mill Creek’s cultivation, this strain is a testament to their commitment to native soil and sustainable sungrown practices.

Animal Mints Green Label Hash boasts a THC content of 702mg, placing it among the upper echelons of potency. The melt scale rating of 70% signifies a hash that is not only robust in effects but also holds the promise of a smooth and immersive experience. The terpene profile is a symphony of flavors, featuring spicy, minty, and earthy notes that dance on the palate, creating a sensory journey like no other.

The effects of Animal Mints are nothing short of captivating. Users can anticipate a tingly sensation accompanied by a profound sense of relaxation and euphoria. As the hash unfolds its layers of complexity, the experience is not just potent but also finely nuanced, catering to the discerning cannabis enthusiast seeking a transcendent journey.

Cultivated in the fertile soils of Humboldt CA, East Mill Creek’s commitment to native soil farming becomes evident in the quality and texture of the cannabis produced. The farm, situated on an uplifted ocean terrace, benefits from a deep layer of topsoil blown in by the wind over time, creating an ideal environment for cannabis roots to flourish unencumbered. This commitment to sustainable and sungrown practices ensures that each strain, including Animal Mints, carries the essence of its natural origins.

Nasha’s Green Label Hash is the crowning jewel of this offering. Packaged in a loose form straight from the drying process, this 1.2g powdered hash is reminiscent of old-school hash, with a higher ratio of plant material to oil. Whether topping bowls or enhancing joints, this hash adds a distinctive kick to your regular cannabis routine, inviting you to explore the depths of an authentic and time-honored cannabis experience.

In conclusion, Animal Mints Green Label Hash by East Mill Creek is not just a strain; it’s an invitation to embark on a cannabis odyssey. Crafted with precision, cultivated with care, and presented with pride, this strain encapsulates the dedication of East Mill Creek to delivering a potent, flavorful, and truly immersive cannabis experience. Elevate your journey with Animal Mints, where quality meets craftsmanship in every puff.

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Nasha envisions establishing itself as a paramount figure in the global hash market, not only for the unparalleled quality of their products but for their chemical-free approach. Their aspirations include pioneering a regenerative supply chain, one that honors the rich traditions of cannabis culture while redefining the global perspective of concentrates.
With a mission focused on excellence, Nasha is dedicated to crafting superior cold-water hash-based products. Beyond just quality, they are steadfast in their commitment to fostering a just and equitable cannabis supply chain, ensuring empowerment for every individual and entity involved.
At the heart of Nasha's operations is a time-honored tradition: the production of cold-water hash through entirely natural methods. This process, uncompromising in its purity, involves the use of resin-abundant cannabis, the freshest of mountain waters, and ice. There is a stringent no-solvent, no-contaminant policy, guaranteeing only the most potent and pristine hash. The procedure is initiated by immersing the cannabis in freezing water, rendering the bond between the trichome head and stalk brittle. Gentle agitation then leads to the detachment of the trichome head, which is subsequently filtered out by water. Once separated, these resin glands are subjected to state-of-the-art drying equipment, maintaining low temperatures to minimize terpene loss and ensure a pleasantly smooth smoking experience.
Commitment to excellence drives Nasha to utilize small-batch, artisanal, and locally-procured cannabis, fortifying quality assurance and emphasizing the distinct profile of the flower through their hash. Their collaborative approach with farmers involves curating each harvest and closely monitoring its entire lifecycle to optimize the unique properties of each strain. By selectively choosing the finest genetics, Nasha boasts some of the market's most aromatic and authentic concentrates. This deep respect and admiration for their cultivation partners are evident, as each product package proudly displays the farmers' logos alongside that of Nasha's.


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Animal Mintz Unpressed Hash

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