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7 Star Hash Rosin

7 Star Hash Rosin

7 Star Hash Rosin from the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills reflects the historic cultivation methods of hash plants from Afghanistan and Morocco, certified by Sun+Earth for quality.

THC 83.07%



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7 Star Hash Rosin is a special offering grown with affection at the Budfarms in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills of Northern California. This hash rosin, cultivated by Revive Ital Extracts, carries the essence of the Hindu Kush foothills and the Rif Mountains. Sun+Earth Certified Cannabis ensures quality and sustainability in this product, allowing you to experience the traditions of hash cultivation right in California.

Terpenes, ,


Revive Organics

Located in the world-renowned cannabis destination cities of Nevada City and Grass Valley, nestled deep within California's Sierra Nevada mountains, Revive Organics has built a legacy with over fifty years of combined knowledge and expertise in cannabis. This extensive understanding encompasses the plant's history, cultivation methods, age-old recipes, and various applications. The team aims to position Revive Organics as the "natural food" or "craft beer" segment of the emerging industry, offering top-shelf products specifically crafted for health-conscious individuals seeking alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and a trusted brand.
In 2015, Revive launched its initial flagship products, Revive Pure Life, which include THC and CBD chocolate bars and solventless extracts. Emphasizing a natural approach, Revive's products are created using solventless extraction—a process that avoids harsh chemicals and preserves the essential terpenes and oils of the "whole plant." This method aligns with their goal to provide the most minimally processed, natural products possible. As a family-owned legacy operation, Revive Organics conveys a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to share their craft and medicine with the state of California.


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7 Star Hash Rosin

Availability: 18 in stock

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