Sespe Pairing: Bloom Farms Highlighter + Marie Kondo

Bloom Farms’ “Super Silver Haze” is in the “Create” category.

Greetings! I’m Andra. I’ll be blogging here about all things cannabis: news from Sespe Creek, cannabis policy, interviews with health providers, industry news, reviews and more. Today’s post is in a format I hope to repeat periodically — ‘Sespe Pairings’ — essentially, a cannabis experience coupled with an activity I believe is suited well to the strain.

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Vape pens are not in my typical cannabis routine — I’m a fan of, well, the standard flower. Yet, a recent trip to the Sespe Creek Collective happened to coincide with my resolution to Marie Kondo my life, so I came into the dispensary looking to change things up, perhaps to spark some joy with something a little different.

It was with that attitude that I picked up my Bloom Farms Highlighter cartridge (currently on sale at Sespe Creek!) with Super Silver Haze — a sativa strain that delivers a nice, energizing body high via vape pen. I am personally prone to paranoia when I use sativas, but my mind was completely at ease — in fact, I found myself deeply interested in mastering Marie Kondo’s ultra-specific folding strategy.

This particular vape pen is a nice match for a meditative daytime activity — I can see this being a great addition to a hike or bike ride. I imagine it would be a lot of fun to take to a concert. (In fact, that’s a really great idea…)

Vape pens are frankly a wonderful match for most cleaning projects. They’re discreet, your house won’t reek of weed, and it’s easy to monitor exactly how much cannabis you’re inhaling.

My one complaint regarding the product comes straight from the Kondo tidying ethos: that every item one owns have a ‘home.’ Everything from extra shoelaces to old school pictures to your favorite beanie to your expired vape pen cartridges. The problem: expired vape pen cartridges don’t currently have a home — aside from our local landfill.

Jim Walsh of Bloom Farms filled me in — California’s Bureau of Cannabis Controls makes recycle of cartridges by the manufacturer virtually impossible by requiring that cannabis products intended for disposal must be destroyed “at the licensed commercial cannabis premises by a commercial cannabis licensee.”

“Prior to the passage of California Proposition 64, Bloom Farms operated a responsible disposal initiative to help combat waste created by vape (cartridges) and batteries. But unfortunately, we’ve been forced to put the project on hold due to the new regulations,” Walsh added. “We are working with the State of California to change this policy, but as with most things in Sacramento, the process is taking some time.”

In the meantime, if you happen to pair a Bloom Farms vape pen with a cleaning expedition, I highly recommend saving the expired cartridge for that shining day when the State of California legalizes a way to recycle cannabis products. Even better: think on a use for used cartridges and share with me in the comments!

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