Sespe Pairing: Acapulco Gold + Baby Boomers

The legendary Acapulco Gold.

Greetings, Sespe Creek Community!

We’re back with another pairing suggestion for you — one that I can (almost) guarantee will lead to stimulating conversation and multi-generational bonding.

I personally heard the legend of Acapulco Gold a few years back — during a conversation at Ojai’s Rancho Inn. The strain remained an intriguing mystery until I saw it for sale at Sespe Creek. Of course, I had to purchase it.

Henry’s Original offers pre-rolls of Acapulco Gold, sold as singles and in a four-pack. It’s a lovely, energizing sativa strain with approximately 17 percent THC. 

I happened to pull my Henry’s Original pre-roll out of my purse while visiting with two members of the Baby Boomer generation (I’m a millennial myself), both of whom exclaimed, “Acapulco Gold?! I remember this from the 60’s!”

So here comes your pairing suggestion: head into Sespe for an Acapulco Gold pre-roll and assemble a multi-generational group of friends with whom you’d like to share. The only rule to this recommendation is that you must include a member of the Baby Boomer generation in your group. 

I will also include one word of caution: 2019’s Acapulco Gold is significantly stronger than the 1965 variety. I came to realize this when my Boomer friend appeared hypnotized by the full moon after she took perhaps one too many hits off the joint.

In my view, millennials in particular can learn a great deal from our parents’ generation (the Boomers). They grew up during a time of war, political assassinations, moonwalks (the literal variety, not the dance) and Woodstock. While they became acquainted with rock and roll, many of the Boomer generation were watching friends and family members being sent to fight in a war many believed unjust. They saw two of their most promising political figures, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, assassinated. Learning about this time that I did not experience has put today’s political climate into perspective. We have indeed faced — and survived — difficult times before.

The music of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s also provides perfect accompaniment to the lofty Acapulco Gold high. 

Goddess Stevie Nicks

I’ll leave you with one final suggestion to accompany your evening of Acapulco Gold: Fleetwood Mac. Turn on “Gypsy” and take in Stevie Nicks’ brilliance combined with Lindsay Buckingham’s kickass guitar solo. I challenge you to listen to this song just once. In my view, it cannot be done.

Have fun, my friends.

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