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Sespe Holiday Gift Guide 2018

For the Woke Warrior:

A Pot Fairy Purse or Pot Fairy Originals T-Shirt.  A cannabis offense should NOT equal a life sentence!  100% of the proceeds of sales from these items are applied to the commissary accounts of persons serving a life sentence for cannabis. Your donation will go towards purchase of necessities like soap,  combs, toothbrushes, phone calls home, postage stamps, music, emails and palatable water. Thank you on their behalf.

For the Blunt Lover:

Pick up a few grams of flower, some Hempwick and a GLUNT!  The Glunt glass blunt serves as both a storage and smoking tool. Stores 2 grams of ground flower, and you will never have to buy rolling papers again.  You don’t have to smoke paper to smoke cannabis.  And with Hempwick you won’t have to inhale butane to light your flower. 100% organic alternative to inhaling butane fumes, made from California Beeswax and Organic Hemp.

For the Overworked, Under-Appreciated Mom: 

OM Body Soaking Bath Salts bring deep relaxation and great relief for any type of pain, mood related issues, problems with sleep, and dermatological imbalances. The skin is our largest organ and the power of a cannabis soak is incredible.  OM’s proprietary blend of carrier oils infused with activated THC and essential oils is truly a miracle.

For the Canna-Historian:

Jack In A Box  is the definitive Jack Herer collection, will delight even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur this holiday season.  A tireless advocate for legalization, the name Herer (“It rhymes with terror,” Jack liked to say) will always remain synonymous with the movement to end prohibition.

For the Pre-Roll Princess:

Pre-Roll gift box from Pacific Stone. Each 14-joint pack is made of top-quality California cannabis that is Greenhouse grown. Hybrid Packs are neither too energizing nor too mellowing, so the resulting high is a perfect mix that’s ideal for socializing. Sativa Packs are ideal for those times when mental energy, focus and feeling “up” is the experience you’re seeking. Great for parties, creative endeavors or the work day. Indica Hybrid Packs are packed with 100% premium OG flower, perfect for any time of day and great for sharing with friends. 

For the Chocoholic:

Kiva Peppermint Bark or OM Edibles Raw Cacao, plus a Sespe Camp Mug!  Make your own melted chocolate beverage by adding a little hemp milk and stirring over low heat, yum!  The limited edition Peppermint Bark Holiday Bar from Kiva is made of delicious, infused dark chocolate topped with swirls of white chocolate, completed with a dusting of crushed peppermint candy.  Om’s Raw Sipping Cacao is an Organic Superfood that is extremely delicious, effective, and versatile. Medicated with organic AC/DC flowers, it contains 6 natural and health beneficial ingredients. The raw cacao in this product contains numerous health benefits that work synchronistically with your cannabinoid receptors to bring a subtle but powerful mood elevating affect.  Great stocking stuffers for all your canna-friendly friends.


Dosist Holiday Kits:

Give the gift of health and happiness with a Dosist Holiday Kit.  Each holiday formula kit includes a Dosist 200 pen and a special gift of a Limited Edition terpene-infused candle crafted specifically for our formulas. Choose Calm or Bliss.

For the Tree:

Keep the spirit of Sespe close to your heart during the holidays, or anytime really, with this lovely little wood-burned ornament. Made by local Ojai artist David Hartmann.


For Dudes who Dab:

Holiday Gift Sets from CaliGreenGold/the Truth!  Choose from four different assortments based on your budget and tastes.  Packaged in a vintage cigar box, full of their highest quality pre-rolls, shatter and/or flower PLUS a one-hitter, rolling papers and shammie!

For the Canna-Curious:

A great, low-impact and healthy way to introduce someone to cannabis is with the Taste of Tea Variety Pack from Kikoko!  Discreet and low-dose, these beautiful tins also make the perfect grab-and-go gift. One pouch of each of Kikoko’s four tea flavors is inside. Made with top-shelf, organically-grown cannabis herbal tea, precision-dosed with ratios for mood, sex, sleep, anxiety and pain.  Add a little cannabis infused honey from Honeypot to soothe more than just your throat.  Sourced from local California apiaries (honey farms), the bees collect their nectar from wildflowers. Cold pressed coconut oil offers medium chain fats to aid in absorption of the high-quality cannabis oil. The three come together to create a trifecta of powerful and delicious cannabis honey.  

Can’t Decide? No Time to Shop?

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for that hard to please cannabis aficionado, look no further than our Sespe Creek Collective Gift Cards! You can purchase them in $25, $50, and $100 denominations, redeemable at our shop in Ojai.

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