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Sespe Gift Guide 2022

Sespe Gift Guide 2022

With the winter holidays almost here, we’ve put together this gift guide to help you find that perfect something for your friends and loved ones. Cannabis has gradually become an integral part of millions of people’s lives as we manage various symptoms or simply want to relax. That’s why cannabis gifting is on the rise! We’ve got you covered with these easy-peasy gift options for a variety of users, whether they are daily tokers or wide-eyed newbies wondering how to get started.

For the high-style stoner who has everything:

Something fun & fancy from My Bud Vase – delightful little bongs that double as functional vases, i.e. something  you won’t want to hide when guests come over. These beautiful showpieces are 30% off through Black Friday!

For the family member who always over-does it at holiday dinners: 

Help Uncle Al stay chill with a few bottles of Lagunitas’ Hi-Fi Hoppy Chill (10mg THC) or cans of Hi-Fi Hoppy Balance (5mg CBD + 5mg THC) bundled with a sweet new limited edition Sespe Pint Glass. Two cans or bottles plus a gift glass for $26 – a great budget-friendly secret Santa option!

For the garden gnome:

It’s never too early to start gathering seeds in preparation for next season’s harvest. Sespe carries a great selection of rare seeds from Equilibrium Genetics like Chocolate Turnover, an indica dominant heirloom with Mendocino roots. If your gardener friend is just learning, be sure to get a copy of Ask Ed: Tips & Advice for Gardening Year-Round by master cannabis cultivator Ed Rosenthal. Growing weed is not as easy as it seems! 

For the home chef: 

These yummy infused butters from Heavenly Sweet and olive oils from Potli make it extra easy for your foodie to experiment with cannabis in any favorite recipe. Or if they are more skilled they can infuse their own oils and try some of the delicious recipes from HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis. Either way, you can offer to be the taste-tester because you are that kind of friend.

Stocking Stuffers for the (adult) kids:

Sespe is full of little delights you can share with everyone on your list. Who doesn’t appreciate a bite of sea salted chocolate??  Single-serve cookies, gummies, popping space crystals (!), honey sticks, rolling papers… even infused single-serve turkey gravy

A gift card for the picky parent that doesn’t need anything, just more calls and visits from you:

If you’re short on time and ideas, it’s ok. It’s your presence in their lives that’s most important. But don’t be a total jerk and show up empty handed. You know your mom has trouble sleeping and your dad has a bad knee. Give them the gift of relief! Tell them to book a consultation with a budtender and get on board with a wellness plan in 2023! We have books and gift cards to put a great package together quickly. Serenity now!

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  1. Wow!! Fantastic article! I thought every one of those gifts was fantastic! I especially like the Hoppy Drink and glass for $26.00! Great price point and value!

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