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Sanna Sleep

Sanna Sleep

Sanna Sleep™ – is a new innovative cannabinoid and terpene-based sleep product that was also just awarded 1st Place at WeedCon West beating out over 130 other products. With so many customers looking for sleep aid solutions here at Sespe Creek, we’re excited to help bring this new product to market.

Sanna Sleep was developed by a molecular biologist and is doctor-endorsed to help people ease into a deep and restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The unique formulation in Sanna Sleep includes a customized ratio of isolated cannabinoids and a proprietary blend of select terpenes that promote deep sleep without any of the unwanted side-effects that are typical with other sleeping products.

Created with the belief that people want to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis in a form with the familiar features of other medicines – ones that offer predictable, consistent effects in a dosable format, and which contain precisely the same ingredients every time. To achieve this, Sanna Sleep uses only the purest isolated cannabinoids that resulted in tested and refined formulations that can’t be exactly replicated. The result is a fast-acting capsule that produces effects in a little as 30 minutes with no hangover effects.

Each capsule contains 10 mg. CBD, 6 mg. CBN and 3 mg of THC.


Fast acting- in tests, users reported effects within 30 minutes

No Hangover Effect – wake up clear-headed without lingering drowsiness or psychoactive effects

Physican-endorsed – endorsed by leading cannabis physician Dr. Michael F. Soler as an effective sleep aid

$75 for 30-pack/$16 for 6-pack

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