Raw Cacao: A Medicinal Superfood

We have a wealth of information about the newest addition to our menu, Medical Cannabis Raw Chocolates from The Green Cacao Company. I’ve copied some of the information from their their wonderful PDF detailing all the amazing benefits of this raw superfood.

Raw Cacao

Each ingredient used by The Green Cacao Company has a medicinal value and/or specific physiological benefit: it is all plant medicine… There are no ‘fillers.’ These are not simply candy or sugary treats with THC added; this is potent super-food, with exceptional healing properties.

Everything is Low GI and safe for diabetics and others with sugar sensitivities. After eating, you won’t be hit by a toxic sugar crash.

Raw Cacao (versus conventionally processed/cooked chocolate, such as Ghirardelli, Cadbury, Dagoba, etc. ) has a molecular structure that mimics cannabinoids, and creates experiential and physiological results very similar to Sativa… When cacao is processed/cooked over 118 degrees, the molecular structure changes, degrading the plant substance, depleting the antioxidants, flavinoids and other beneficial counts otherwise naturally inherent… in other words, raw cacao is a totally different substance from processed/cooked chocolate.

* Raw Cacao is also often referred to as ‘Nature’s Prozac’ (again, only when it’s raw, not processed/cooked) triggers a significant release of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins

* The benefits of the THC and CBD are enhanced through the chemical synergy created by the combined raw cacao and super foods delivery mechanism.
Again, these benefits are not degraded by sugar toxins… Benefits include:
— extremely high levels of antioxidants
— raised metabolism & improved cardiovascular health
— increased stamina & stimulated human growth hormone
— mental clarity & focus
— relief from depression, stress, anxiety, etc.


7 comments on “Raw Cacao: A Medicinal Superfood

  1. Hi,
    cool products.
    We are interested in the CBD dominant,
    can you give us the percentage of CBD in that product.
    We need it to treat breast cancer

  2. In this particular edible, the CBD is in milligrams of THC (rather than as a percentage of total weight, like you do with flowers and concentrates).

    The CBD-rich version of the Raw Cacao contains three 1.40oz cubes, with THC 20mg/CBD 25mg. It’s generally considered that THC works synergistically with CBD.

  3. Hi there! I got your link off of Reality Sandwich. I would love to order some chocolate, however I can’t find a direct link or local seller to the above (I’m in San Diego). Could you help? Thank you!! Xx

  4. We can ask the people who make the chocolate if they work with any dispensaries in your area. It may take a little while to get back to you, but I’ll try!

  5. Bill,
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that medicine with a high CBD (cannabidiol) content may be effective for treating seizures. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid so consuming CBD-rich medicine won’t really get you “high” but you will certainly feel relief.

    We carry 3 CBD-rich strains with low THC, Canna-Tsunami and Hash Tsunami, and a High CBD/Moderate THC strain Sour Tsunami. We also carry CBD-rich edibles, tinctures and capsules. You must be a patient of ours to get this medicine and we are delivery only to Ventura County. We are happy to help you with more information if you have further questions 🙂

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