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PUREXTRACTS is a new brand that Sespe Creek Collective now carries. The company’s commitment to honoring what’s bests about cannabis: the connection between people and planet is also an ethos that we here at Sespe Creek Collective share and can get behind. Purextracts’ product development is guided by its commitment to quality, consistency, and accessibility. The company only works with preferred farms that grow responsibly and produce exceptional strains. Its cannabis is extracted and purified through industry-leading processes and housed in premium hardware to ensure every last drop is perfection on the palate.

Preserve is the new family of cartridges that Sespe Creek now stocks. Each features single-origin, perfectly cured, 100% cannabis oil, and cannabis-derived terpenes that exhibit flavor profiles and a smoking experience similar to flower. In fact, the company has dedicated decades to perfecting how it sources, extract, purifies, and packages its products. It’s proud to offer a unique Cured Cannabis Cartridge™ that honors cannabis wisdom and brings a true-to-flower experience in a convenient vape.


Ghost OG – This indica leaning strain is ghost cut with OG Kush. Forward flavors include pine, gas, kush and lemon. Expect to feel calm, relaxed, functional, yet euphoric.

Lemon WHO – This sativa strain of unknown origins will have you energetic, focused and happy as you savor its citrus, lemony and fruity overtones.

Original Glue – Developed by GG Strains, this potent hybrid strain delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.

The Mac – Introducing a hybrid mix of Alien Cookies, Colombian, and Starfighter. Expect a flavorful experience reminiscent of baked cookies, sour citrus and Kush. This strain provides a balance, chilled, yet functional high.

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  1. Great Article! An extract made by steeping fresh or dried plant matter (bark, roots, leaves, berries, flowers, or stems) in alcohol. I really got to know new informative things related to “PUREXTRACTS ” thanx for sharing this blog.keep posting

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