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Tall Tree Society

Nestled in the heart of Mendocino County, California, on the fertile grounds of the Russian River Valley, The Tall Tree Society has evolved from a mere pipedream to a vibrant reality since its foundation in 2018 by Shane Gary. More than just a farm, the Tall Tree Society is a community of likeminded individuals, passionate about their craft and committed to providing a product that’s worth supporting.
With roots deeply entrenched in the rich heritage of cannabis farms and vineyards in the community, The Tall Tree Society takes its role as caretaker of the land very seriously. The farm embraces organic farming practices, cultivating its plants in native soil and nourishing them with the warm rays of the sun. By avoiding synthetic nutrients and nurturing a symbiotic relationship with organic amendments and native companion plants, the farm seeks to create a thriving ecosystem that will resonate positively with future generations.
The Tall Tree Society’s reach extends beyond mere cannabis cultivation. It’s home to CDFA certified organic vegetable gardens, lush fruit orchards, and vibrant pollinator gardens that attract bees and other vital creatures. In addition to these horticultural wonders, the farm also raises chickens, pigs, and goats, recycling their waste into valuable compost. This holistic approach not only sustains the farm but also allows the dedicated team to enjoy healthy, locally sourced food, all while reducing their carbon footprint and enriching the soil.
As a family-owned and operated entity, the well-being of employees at The Tall Tree Society is a priority. The farm takes pride in offering a living wage and comprehensive benefits to its hardworking team. This focus on well-being translates into a positive working environment and ensures that the products crafted are of the highest quality. The commitment, passion, and excellence of the staff are integral to the farm’s success and reputation.
The Tall Tree Society’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices is reflected in its offering of consistent, top-shelf organic products. Each purchase allows customers to not only experience the exceptional quality of their goods but also to contribute positively to both the environment and the community. The farm’s approach transcends mere agriculture, encapsulating a vision that celebrates the harmony between nature, cultivation, and societal well-being.
An invitation to join The Tall Tree Society is an invitation to a journey that celebrates the fusion of nature and agriculture. It’s an opportunity to experience the essence of a farm where organic cultivation, environmental stewardship, and community flourish. By choosing The Tall Tree Society, customers are embracing the taste of a sustainable, organic future, and making a conscious decision to support a model that represents the best in modern, responsible farming.
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