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Swami Select

Nestled in the heart of Northern California’s legendary Emerald Triangle, Swami Select stands as a beacon of mindful cannabis cultivation. Co-founders Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya have woven their deep roots in cannabis culture and advocacy into a brand that transcends mere product—it’s a lifestyle. Through dedication to regenerative, eco-conscious farming practices, Swami Select offers premium cannabis flowers that are not just consumed but experienced.

A Symphony of Nature and Nurture

Cultivating their cannabis in the fertile Mendocino soil, Swami Select embraces the elements, growing their plants under the nurturing gaze of the full sun, moon, and stars. This approach transcends traditional farming, offering a product imbued with the unique energies of the natural world. The result? Cannabis that serves not just a recreational purpose, but an inspirational one.

Pioneers in Cannabis Advocacy

Nikki and Swami aren’t just cultivators; they’re stewards of the cannabis community. Actively participating in political dialogues, they shape legislation that affects not only their local Emerald Triangle community but also small-batch cannabis farmers throughout California. Their influence extends beyond the fields and into the halls of power, where they advocate for responsible, ethical cannabis cultivation and use.

An Insider’s Journey

Swami Chaitanya offers a unique insider’s perspective into California’s craft cannabis community. From sharing updates on the global cannabis reform movement to providing invaluable tips from seasoned farmers and industry leaders, the Swami Select brand serves as a conduit for elevated cannabis consciousness.

In summary, Swami Select isn’t just about cannabis; it’s about a holistic, mindful approach to life. They don’t just grow plants; they cultivate experiences. And they’re not just a brand; they’re a movement, inspiring a new generation of conscious cannabis connoisseurs.

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