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The philosophy behind Shoogies recognizes that traditional methods of cannabis consumption often necessitate unfamiliar, obtrusive, imprecise, or even antisocial behaviors. This realization led to the invention of Shoogies, a product designed to allow individuals to seamlessly integrate cannabis into their existing lifestyles.
Shoogies aims to eliminate barriers associated with cannabis use, such as odor, social stigma, and judgment from others. Unlike traditional methods, Shoogies offers a discreet and socially acceptable way to enjoy cannabis.
Rather than being classified as an edible, Shoogies is conceptualized as an ingredient—a component that people use in their daily routines. This distinction emphasizes the brand’s focus on personal choice and individual lifestyles. Shoogies is about empowering users to lead their best lives, their way, every day, by providing a flexible and approachable means of incorporating cannabis into daily life.
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