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Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes


OM is a company dedicated to embracing the natural restorative power of plant medicine, aiming to create superior products that promote self-care, wellness, and enjoyment for all. By harnessing the properties of plants, OM offers solutions for enhancing well-being and enriching everyday life.
Founded by women and a pioneering force in holistic wellness since 2008, OM recognizes cannabis as a nutritionally dense, earth-born resource. They view it as a superfood that has been used for thousands of years to nourish and heal. Their approach reflects a deep respect for natural remedies and traditional wisdom.
OM’s product line is formulated by blending activated CBD with other curative botanicals and oils, without unnecessary additives. The company firmly believes in providing the same level of excellence and commitment to quality for both medicinal and recreational needs. Adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards in the country, OM ensures that every product meets the highest expectations.
OM invites customers to embrace joy and discover the potential for improved well-being through their carefully crafted products. With a rich heritage and innovative approach, OM represents a synthesis of tradition and modernity in the world of plant-based wellness.
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