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No deliveries 4/20-4/21           Prices shown include all taxes

Maison Bloom

L’OBJECTIF: MAISON BLOOM’s mission is one of ongoing growth and refinement. The brand focuses on elevating daily life through perfectly dosed cannabis-infused premium beverages. By transforming wellness and recreational experiences, MAISON BLOOM shows a commitment to high-quality plant-based ingredients and remarkable culinary creativity, always prioritizing flavor.
L’AVENIR: MAISON BLOOM’s vision is defined by an aspiration for success that is sprinkled everywhere they go, like glitter. They are devoted to offering consumers engaging and elevated experiences, growing the business with honesty, integrity, and creativity. The same principles applied to crafting recipes are used to ensure sustainability and craveability for all.
Connection is a key value for MAISON BLOOM, with a focus on enhancing connections that make a difference in customers’ lives. Quality is a cornerstone, providing outstanding products and unsurpassed elevated experiences to deliver premium value. Integrity is central to the business, showing a commitment to creating better business and products through diversity, social equity, equality, justice, and sustainability.
Respect for People is another core principle, valuing people, nurturing their development, and rewarding exceptional performance. Global Citizenship underpins the brand’s philosophy, reflecting good citizenship in all communities, with dedication to improving everything they touch. The Will to Win drives MAISON BLOOM, displaying a strong desire to excel in the marketplace and all business aspects, always seeking to deliver something better than before.
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