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Good Tide

Good Tide is a brand specializing in solventless rosin edibles, offering tropical flavors infused with natural, full-spectrum cannabis experiences. Invoking the ambiance of the beach with its sun-kissed flavors, Good Tide welcomes its customers to an idyllic setting where relaxation reigns supreme.
More than just a producer of delightful edibles, Good Tide is a Climate Neutral Certified brand, reflecting a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. They don’t just pay lip service to these values; they actively engage in practices that underscore their dedication to the planet.
Part of the Wyld brand family, Good Tide recognizes the urgent need to address business-related climate impacts. Achieving Climate Neutral Certification has required a substantial, years-long effort to measure, offset, and reduce the brand’s carbon footprint at every operational level. This commitment to sustainability isn’t a recent development; it has been a core part of the brand’s identity since Wyld’s inception.
Good Tide’s pledge to environmental stewardship places them alongside hundreds of other Climate Neutral Certified brands. Together, they are collectively taking bold steps to create a healthier planet. Their commitment extends beyond products, resonating as a holistic approach to responsible consumption and ecological mindfulness.
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